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The members always gather in the World Mission Society Church of God and share love with brothers and sisters.


U.S. President’s Volunteer Service Award

U.S. President’s Volunteer Service Award

Most Prestigious Volunteer Service Award in the U.S.

Lifetime Achievement Award (highest honor for an individual)

Gold Award (highest honor for a group, 17 times)

It is a premier volunteer award given to individuals or groups that have participated in volunteer services for the society in the U.S. The award is classified into three levels, Bronze, Silver, and Gold according to the volunteer hours participated. The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to the ones who participated in 4,000 hours of lifetime volunteer service, in addition to receiving the Bronze, Silver, and Gold awards.

The World Mission Society Church of God including San Francisco has been running activities such as environmental cleanups, blood drives, disaster recovery, welfare for seniors which made the members to receive 17 Gold awards, the highest honor for a group, and with the Lifetime Achievement Award, the highest honor for an individual.

U.S. Local Governments Proclamations and Resolutions Received

Local governments and municipalities in the 20 regions in the U.S. has given proclamations and resolutions to the World Mission Society Church of God.

Presidential Awards from Three Korean Governments

Presidential Group Citation in 2015

Medal of Merit in 2004

Presidential Citation in 2003

Presidential Group Citation, Medal of Merit, Presidential Citation

The Church of God has been awarded by the Korean Government with the Presidential Group Citation, Medal of Merit, and the Presidential Citation.

The members of the World Mission Society Church of God have shown efforts to create a better world with various volunteer activities for environmental protection, disaster relief and helping victims of natural catastrophes.